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Experience Art Beyond the Gallery

Providing accessible art experiences that cultivate a more inclusive community and world.

Tulsa Creates Together

A site-specific art grant program presented by Living Arts of Tulsa in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation. This project aims to encourage collaboration between artists and the community, culminating in projects sprawling across our city! 

Let’s #createinthe918 

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Champagne & Chocolate

Name a better pairing than Champagne & Chocolate! Each February we open our gallery doors and renew souls with a signature event like no other. Guests will be welcomed with sweet libations and seductive chocolate souvenirs as we prepare for an evening full of explosive energy.

We are bringing together a powerful fusion of art and fashion. To accomplish this, we have enlisted both established and emerging artists across various media. Our quest is to showcase and outline the incredible voices and talent in Tulsa.


Sponsorship Packets

New Genre Arts Festival

Living Arts is infused with myriad intersections between new media, personal narrative, and ephemera. The program incites inquiry and critical attention, arousing new ideas and understandings of contemporary artistic practices. The exhibition and performance festival operate as a survey: providing viewers with varied approaches to critical issues and concepts, video, installation, sound, and performance art.

National Performance Network

NPN is a network rather than just an association or service organization. By cultivating long-term relationships and promoting cultural equity, NPN seeks to build a collaborative, non-hierarchical ecosystem based on racial and cultural justice. Living Arts Tulsa is proud to be an NPN national partner.


Living Arts partners with the Mayfest Festival each year to present a stage of performance art that makes you talk! This stage is curated with local artists in mind and ensures that they are able to have the exposure of the Mayfest crowd. We are so proud of this stage each year and can’t wait for you to be a part of it.



Mary Prescott

(New York, NY) — Tida

Tida is an evening-length performance about intergenerational cultural identity through a Thai American woman’s maternal lineage. Integrating music, movement, and word, Prescott investigates her mother’s undocumented Thai ancestry and her experience as a Southeast Asian immigrant raising biracial and bicultural children in America and the resulting impact.