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By becoming a member of Living Arts of Tulsa, you are supporting artists as they embark on their journey, be it beginning their career or engaging with a passion! Your support ensures that we are able to continue presenting works that challenge, encourage and allow open expression.

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Tulsa Creates Together

 Tulsa Creates Together is a site-specific art campaign presented by Living Arts of Tulsa and in partnership with the George Kaiser Family Foundation. This project aims to encourage collaboration between Tulsa artists and local businesses, culminating in site-based art projects sprawling across our city. Let’s #createinthe918

Dia de los Muertos 2024

Living Arts de Tulsa, en colaboración con Casa de la Cultura está celebrando el festival anual Dia de los Muertos de Tulsa en Noviembre 1, 2024. Dia de los Muertos es una celebración de patrimonio Latinx que honora queridos que han pasado. Este evento crea puentes entre culturas Latinx y no Latinx en Tulsa creando una manera de que los Tulseanos honren a amigos y ancestros difuntos. 

Living Arts of Tulsa, in partnership with Casa de la Cultura is hosting Tulsa’s annual Día de los Muertos Arts Festival on November 1, 2024. Día de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a celebration of the Latinx heritage honoring loved ones who have passed away. This event builds bridges between the Latinx and non-Latinx cultures in Tulsa by creating a way for Tulsans to pay homage and honor ancestors and friends who have passed on.

Dreams: An Exploration of the Strange and Unusual

Dreams: An Exploration of the strange and unusual entices the mind to explore the ideals of the “Strange and Unusual.” Strangeness is a construct built to muster a fear of the unknown, can appreciation be found within? Tim Burton is utilized throughout this experience as a bridge of this concept as a household name for one that has achieved just this. Throughout the gallery patrons will be confronted with their own ideals of beauty and encouraged to explore the boundaries of the strange.

Call for Exhibitions 2025

Living Arts presents and develops critically- engaged contemporary art in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We are a platform for evolving ideas and aesthetics, interdisciplinary and community empowerment through exhibitions, workshops, performances, films, lectures and education: engendering artistic integrity and experimentation for a thoughtful and rigorous arts ecology. Exhibitions will be accepted based on committee approval and calendar availability. Our 2024 exhibition calendar is currently full. This application is for the 2025 calendar year.


Volunteering at Living Arts allows community members to work directly with local and visiting artists and live art practices. Living Arts works with volunteers for a variety of programs and events. Volunteers have the opportunity, through sustained efforts, to receive letters of reference for internships and career-building within the arts and performance.


An annual fundraiser benefiting Living Arts, our programs and artists. We ask that you ReMember Living Arts through a gift of any size. Your support is what ensures that we are able to continue to present Art that Makes You Talk and we couldn’t do it without you!