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Art that Makes You Talk

We provide a platform for emerging artists to explore contemporary art practices, pushing both artists and the audience to engage in an experience beyond the traditional gallery setting.

2023 Exhibition Calendar

Plan your visit by reviewing our amazing exhibition lineup for this year.

Gabriel Rojas & Michael Palazzo

This collective of artists aims to create an immersive experience for patrons to move through while they analyze the monochromatic exhibition. The pieces are meant to challenge the patron in a variety of ways ranging from fear, sorrow, and enthusiasm.
While moving throughout the experience, the patron will be challenged and comforted when approaching the topics of this exhibition.

Champagne & Chocolate Member Show

The Champagne & Chocolate Member Showcase will feature 46 artists with more than 100 works being displayed. The artwork in this exhibition displays the diversity of our member artists in both skill and media, ranging from woodworking to painting. This exhibition will be curated by Ebony Easily.

Black Moon, Community Art Home, & VNICEWORLD

BLACK MOON is a collective of Black Artists in the Tulsa area breaking standards, pushing innovation, and cultivating creativity among the local community.
Community Art Home is an art, music, and urban gardening community. From artists to the Earth we share, we work to create sustainable environments for organic growth.
VNICEWORLD is a collection of all of the work throughout
the past, including collaborative projects. Their work finds
no limit to where art can go: from paint, to 3D form, audio, fabric, film, etc.

Liz Dueck & Joshua Harris

By combining the practice of painting, sculpture, and installation Liz Dueck will emphasize an unconventional way of experiencing a painting. The exhibition will feature a completely circular landscape painting, with a scene on both the outside and inside of the structure.
Dueck hopes for the piece to immediately intrigue viewers, feed their curiosities, and provide an intimate nature-centered experience. The intent of this exhibition is to give the audience the experience of the yin and yang balance found while exploring nature. The painting on the exterior of the circle will represent the yang energy of movement and exploration, displaying a vibrant & whimsical forested landscape with an array of trees, and flora while the inside space represents the yin, the awe-striking, quiet, still yin energy of resting at the peak. The inside will have light-filled, dramatic mountaintop depths.

Marium Rana

This series reflects a sense of belonging that an individual seeks when they are in between existing places and the folklore of stories told of “back home”. Rana is an American-born Pakistani woman, who wears a hijab, and has lived in the most northern (New York) and
the southern tip of the United States (Florida). These aspects of her identity allow her to connect or limit my connection to others, it is all based on the perception of the other party or her internalized experiences. These works serve as a springboard for a deeper connection to the human experience by way of make-believe places and tangible ones.

Rachel Rector

To be immersed in the tallgrass prairie is to feel true comfort and peace, for artist Rachel Rector, these feelings are equivalent to the comforts of home. Everyone knows that feeling, but a gentle reminder is needed to find it beyond our interior dwellings.
A sense of urgency exists- let us all come to appreciate what we are so fortunate to live amongst, so that we may all see the need to protect it. This question persists: Will this land be here in the future? Given a continued trajectory of the unfortunate past, the future for the tallgrass prairie is deeply endangered- of the original 170,000,000 acres swathed across our continent’s midland, not even 11,000 acres remain. What was once a revered home sustaining the lives of tribes such as the Osage, Kansa, Wichita, and Pawnee, was claimed by American settlers and abused. This treasured tallgrass prairie originated as the ocean and retains wave-like topographical reliefs and rocky grounds, thus what remains protects itself from plowing and development. A space that now relies on fires to survive was built up once by water. After all, we are defined by our landscape.

Beyond the Whitewash

Beyond the Whitewash is a collection of mixed media works by a racially mixed
group of artists who bring their unique perspectives to the complex,
interconnected, and nuanced issue of racism. The exhibition allows us to be
present with others while looking directly at the systems and structures of power
that have created and maintained oppressive systems of inequality. A platform
where diverse voices can be heard and represented together is a powerful
reminder that we are all connected. Our collective stories can be used to create
connection, understanding, and solidarity.

This exhibition is made possible by the ongoing support of the Tulsa Artist
Fellowship and OVAC Thrive Grants Program in partnership with the Andy
Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Oh, Tulsa! Biennial

Oh, Tulsa! is Living Arts’ biennial that celebrates the unique talents that the Tulsa arts community has to offer and encourages the community to come together to share what they love about Tulsa. This exhibition is about Tulsa, for Tulsa, and by Tulsa!

Protection: Adaptation & Resistance


Protection: Adaptation and Resistance is a nationally touring exhibit of artwork by contemporary Indigenous and non-Native Alaska allies in response to the pandemic, planetary collapse, and assaults on human rights.

Energized by movements for social justice, concerned about climate change and its effects on cultural survival, and sobered by the impacts of COVID-19, Bunnell Street Arts Center (Homer, Alaska) presents a touring visual art exhibit addressing the themes of protection for body, mind, and spirit through forms of artistic adaptation and resistance. The exhibit features graphic and wearable art, sculpture, and songs featuring contemporary and customary approaches. The exhibit sparks connection and dialogue concerning cultural preservation and adaptation and learning from Indigenous cultures to create positive and sustainable futures.

Día de los Muertos Arts Festival & Exhibition

The annual Día de Los Muertos Arts Festival is one way that we shine a light on the cultures and traditions of our region. Historically, this festival is one of the largest multicultural festivals to happen in the Tulsa Arts District, impacting more than 10,000 people and garnering
an impressive 250,000 social media impressions. We are projecting to impact more than that this year through virtual content which will allow participants near and far to engage with this beautiful cultural event.

Holiday Market

Living Arts of Tulsa will be hosting a Drawing Rally for our December First Friday. Artists will be drawing 5-7 drawings in that time frame and participants in the gallery and online will have an opportunity to bid on the pieces for a short period of time. After that time frame is up, the pieces will then go on sale!