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Opening for Andrea Martin’s I Am a Stranger Here and Madison Moody-Torres’s Gossamer.

Andrea Martin presents “I Am a Stranger Here.”

“When I look into all the space that surrounds me, I find it all so beautiful. I fell in love so easily with this land and the humans who live here. I felt so deeply connected to every beautiful detail of this world that I found myself living in a constant state of falling in love. But things change, the humans, the landscapes, and the energies they hold. I have loved what is always leaving or always changing, and there has been damage sustained. In love and damaged by what I cannot hold eternally, I am also to suffer a constant state of broken heartedness. I could never have been meant for the land I now wander, this ephemeral land of great pain and great beauty. Standing on my toes, arms reaching to the sky, a wish for infinity to take me home… for I am a stranger here.”


Madison Moody-Torres presents “Gossamer.”

“My artwork is an exploration of myself, my memories, and feelings in the form of recurring female characters in different mindsets or stages of life. I aim for my artwork to touch someone in a very specific, but personal point in their life. I have no idea what that point may manifest itself as, but I want my artwork to reach it and provide some type of solidarity or familiarity to whoever may be viewing it.”


Sep 02 2022

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