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Midnight on Friday, February 6 was the kick-off of Oklahoma’s ninth annual 24-Hour Video Race. Teams of participants then had 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short video that had to be returned to Living Arts or Individual Artists of Oklahoma by midnight on Saturday, February 7.

Creativity is paramount in this statewide madcap race where established and emerging video artists compete to produce a five-minute or less video incorporating a theme, line of dialogue and prop.  This year the elements were:
LINE: It took me ten years, but I finally got it!
PROP: Rubber Gloves
THEME: Life on the Edge

Artists have twenty-four hours to create, edit and produce their video somehow creatively using these three elements. 30 teams registered this year.  See their completed videos at Philbrook Museum of Art on Rockford on Thursday, March 19, 6:30pm (pre-screening party) with 7:00pm Screening.  Then attend a reception at Living Arts of Tulsa immediately following the screening for the awards announcements.

The entries this year are:

Velvet not Velveteen
“Method Writer”

Queens of Sheba
“Bacon Moonshine”

Shoot First
“The Agent's Edge”
Video Phil

Beware of Bear
“Let it Go”
Video Phile

Triple B Films
“The Gloves Are Off”

To Space! Productions
“Burg Nation: Mouths Wide Shut”
Video Phil

Smoking Monkey Lounge
“Rubber Glove Love”
Video Phil

The Offroad Hitchcocks
“Lunch With Friends”
Video Phil

Narrative Imperative
“24 Hours Live: On the Edge of Prime Time”
Video Phil

Bitch Slap the Establishment

Ragtag Media
“Jake and Lauren”

Expose Tres
“Au Cours Ledge”
Team Phil
“The Altos Family Syndicate”
Video Phil

Jonesin' For Vega
“High-Fives & Silver Wishes”

By Default
“An Inch Off”
Video Phil

Team Awesome

BCG Productions




The Living Arts Animation Festival (Sept 18, 2015) features short film animations submitted locally and from around the world. Animations may be stop-motion, Claymation, 2-D animation, 3-D animation or cut-outs, to name a few. Curator Mery McNett will determine the festival selections. 


The Living Arts Animation Festival is made possible with support from The George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Tulsa PAC Trust, National Endowment for the Arts and Guthrie Green