Sunday, August 6, 2017 - 4:00pm
a poetry performance curated by LC Harding and presented by the Living Arts Performance Committee.
Unlynched is a poetry-based performance in three acts. It centers around the notorious, though fictitious, "Willie Lynch Letter." Through words and living image, the performers will examine the insidious methodology of oppression outlined in the letter, and process it's continued impact on Black American lives, interpersonal relationships, and internal monologue. Unlynched seeks to illuminate the invisible chains that bind the Black psyche, and inspire the radical communication and action necessary to break them.

Church of the Restoration, 1314 N Greenwood Avenue, Tulsa, OK.

LC Harding
Mia Wright
Deborah J. Hunter
Marianne Evans-Lombe
Larry Hochhaus
Toni Willis
Rosa Evans-Lombe
Layla Harding
Alexis Matthews
Jessica Davenport
Blessing Etumudor