Taco Truck Theater

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 8:00pm

& Friday, May 19, 2017, 8:00pm

Taco Truck Theater / Teatro Sin Fronteras:

Inspired by Luis Valdez’s legendary Teatro Campesino shows on flatbed trucks in the 60s that brought attention to the plight of migrant workers in California with public performances, José Torres-Tama & the ArteFuturo Ensemble roll out the Taco Truck Theater / Teatro Sin Fronteras Project. They are re-purposing a used box truck donated earlier this year to Living Arts into a mobile stage, and offer a provocative and visually dynamic performance exploring the Immigration Crisis in a country that boasts having been founded by immigrants, but has been dominated by a waves of anti-immigrant hysteria.

Torres-Tama bring his shamanistic juju to a provocative and visually dynamic performance driven by a hybrid musical sound-bed forged by Monica McIntyre, cellist, vocalist, and poet, and Michael Ward-Bergeman, accordionist and multi-instrumentalist. They proclaim that NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL! Also, the diverse ensemble aligns with the BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement to intentionally explore the parallel struggle of people of color in the United States of Amnesia, a system that seduces its citizens to embrace forgetting.

The Taco Truck Theater is the culmination of Torres-Tama’s four-year development in Tulsa with stories from his interview process informing the experience of local immigrants, and as part of a goal to cultivate Tulsa’s Latina/no voices, poets and activists Sally Ramirez, Amairani Perez, and Jordan Mazariegos make up the full ArteFuturo Ensemble. Accompanying the New Orleans ArteFuturo Ensemble is Alana Kolundzija, bilingual stage manager and performer.

The Taco Truck Theater / Teatro Sin Fronteras is a national touring project that will travel across the country, and bring this timely radical dinner theater on wheels to a hungry Barrio near you! Their battle cry is NO GUACAMOLE For Immigrant Haters!

The Taco Truck Theater / Teatro Sin Fronteras is a National Performance Network Creation Fund Project developed and co-commissioned by Living Arts of Tulsa in partnership with Pangea World Theater and the NPN. For more information: www.npnweb.org.

Also, supported by the National Association of Latino Arts & Culture (NALAC), New England Foundation of the Arts (NEFA) 2016 Capacity Grant, Platforms Fund 2016, Alternate ROOTS' PIA, NET/TEN Exchange Grant and MAP Fund 2015.

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Brief Artist Bio:

Ecuadorian-born José Torres-Tama is a 2015 MAP Fund recipient for his radical Taco Truck Theater Project, and has received an NEA Regional Artist Project award for his interdisciplinary performances. As poet, visual and performance artist, he explores the Latino immigrant experience, and his ALIENS, IMMIGRANTS & OTHER EVILDOERS is a sci-fi Latino noir performance solo that exposes the hypocrisies of a system that dehumanizes immigrants while exploiting their labor. Since 1995, he has toured nationally and internationally, and Vanderbilt, Duke, Cornell and other institutions have presented his solos and lectures on art and activism. Diálogos Books New Orleans published Immigrant Dreams & Alien Nightmares, a debut collection of 25 years of poems.


Video Description: This is a five-minute performance video of the Taco Truck Theater / Teatro Sin Fronteras Project devised by José Torres-Tama & the ArteFuturo Ensemble--tackling the pressing anti-immigrant hysteria and the dehumanization of a people vilified as "Illegal aliens". The diverse ensemble includes New Orleans’ artists Monica McIntyre, cellist and vocalist, Natalie “Nati” Jones, singer and performer, Roberto Carrillo, panpipes and charrango, Michael Ward-Bergeman, accordionist and drummer, and featuring Darius & Diego Torres-Copeland, singers and performers. Driven by an eclectic musical sound-bed that accompanies the spoken word poems and collective rituals and a street theater vibe with tacos being sold, we proclaim that "NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL!" Also, we align ourselves with the "BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement" to intentionally explore the parallel struggle of people of color in the United States of Amnesia, a system that seduces its people to embrace forgetting that it has historically denied equal access to its Black and Brown citizens.

Filmed and Edited by Rodrigo Dorfman, and some show segments also filmed by Thsombe Tshanti.