Space, Held

Friday, January 5, 2018 (All day) to Thursday, February 15, 2018 (All day)


Space, Held is an interactive installation created by members of Tulsa’s all womxn creative group, Holy Mother Collective, with the intention of creating a healing and learning space that is accessible to a large group of people. It will consist of individual, womxn-built altars exploring the concept of womxnhood, when we first realized this was part of our identity, how it’s affected us, and what it means to us now, especially in the midst of current social upheavals.

A large, collaborative temple will occupy the central space, inviting members of the community to take a seat and participate in rituals and events that will be hosted by various collective members throughout the installation duration.

Holy Mother Collective was founded in July 2017 by Cyterica Kahl and Lydia Cheshewalla with the intention of building inclusivity and generating more collaboration among the creative womxn of Tulsa.

Event dates (including Living Arts events) are:

Jan 12: Living Arts event, Come Closer dance performances, featuring members of Holy Mother but curated by Alicia Chesser outside of HMC 


Jan 13: Cosmic Yoga led by Amy Jenkins with live music, 5-6:30


Jan 16: Laughter workshop led by Laurel George, 7-8


Jan 18: Tea, Tattoo, Tarot led by Daddy Underground: Kayla Harper & Katy Bruce, 7-10


Jan 20: Women’s March activist fair; Living Arts event, Politically Krrect


Jan 21: Yoga Nidra led by kren, 6-8, Holy Mother + fam/friends private event


Jan 22: Writing Workshop led by Cassidy McCants, 7-8:30


Jan 24: Sex Worker Q&A led by Amy Jenkins, 6-8


Jan 25: Living Arts event, Youth Arts Council


Jan 27: Movement workshop led by Amber Marie Deen and Kayla Harper, 6-8


Jan 28: Maiden Circle for young girls led by Sierra Kramer, 3-5


Jan 28: Self Care Sunday led by Amy Jenkins, featuring reiki, meditation, and chi cultivation, 6-9


Jan 31: Moonlodge, moon calendar & moon movement led by Lydia Cheshewalla, Rachel Dazey, & Anna Bennett respectively, 7-midnight, womxn only 


Feb 2: First Friday, ritual burning of writing ceremony taking place in tent Jan, live altar interviews - all artists who wish to talk about their personal altars


Feb 4: Clothing Swap/Potluck led by Dirty Boots Vanessa Noga & Kiley Blake, 5-8

DJ Kylie Wells


Feb 6: Critique Night-multi disciplinary led by Anna Bennett, 7-10


Feb 8: Enneagram workshop led by Mai Underwood, 6-9


Feb 10: Holy Mother slumber party, 7- next day


Feb 11: Ally discussion panel led by Kenzie Adair & Cyterica Kahl, 6-9