Each of the centers below are participating in the community-wide Transform Hate project.

Each link will take you to where you can learn more about each individual Call for Entries,

and contact information to learn more from that particular center.

Tulsa's Monthly StorySlam

Wednesday, January 14, 2015at 8:00pm

Enso Bar104 S Detroit, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103


Transforming Hate Satellite exhibits include:


Transforming Hate Satellite exhibits include:

Call for Entries (Living Arts) Create a volume (book) about Transforming Hate.


 •   108 Contemporary will host Transform Hate, Unite for Peace. This project will consist of participants writing their definition of transforming hate & hope for peace on origami paper and then folding an origami crane.  The cranes created would then be strung on fishing line to create one large cohesive piece.  The start of the line would be affixed to the ceiling above an acrylic box on the floor.  As the line becomes full, the excess would pool in the acrylic box. Located at 108 E. M. Brady Street. Their phone number is (918) 895-6302.


•   The Hardesty Art Center will be participating with All About Words. This will be a participatory art project that invites visitors to write affirmative words to be placed in and on a joint sculpture. The sculpture will be set on fire during a special ceremony at the end of the project – releasing and multiplying positive energy into the atmosphere. This project will run from Jan. 2nd – Feb. 22nd. Located at 101 E. Archer St. and their phone number is 918-743-4297


•    The Dennis Neil Center for Equality will present an exhibition entitled Transforming Hate: A Creative Process will of course have its own flavor, because as we well know, bigotry is not limited to racism or anti-semitism. In fact, under Oklahoma law, sexual orientation and gender identity are not protected classes, so there are no hate crime protections for victims of anti-gay or transgender violence.  The exhibit will be for the month of January, 2015. Located at 621 East 4th Street, Tulsa, OK 74120. Their phone number is (918) 743-4297


•    The Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art will be hosting Transforming Hate: A Creative Process. The SMMJA is inviting high schools in the metropolitan area to create original works of art addressing the subject matter of transforming hate. It is the Museum’s goal to display these works of art in our newly opened Sharna Newman Frank Education Gallery here at the SMMJA. The criteria is as follows: All media can be used, work must in some way illuminate the theme of transforming hate, there is no entry fee and older work will be accepted if it fulfills the theme. All original works will accepted through December 12, 2014. The show will be shown in the new gallery starting December 26, 2014 through the month of January. Located at 2021 E 71st St. Their phone number is (918) 492-1818

•   All Souls Unitarian Church will invite each of its justice teams to create an exhibit or performance piece that represents their work to transform hate. Located at 2952 S. Peoria Ave. Phone number (918) 743-2363.


•    The Greenwood Cultural Center will be hosting Ebony Easiley. She and their leadership class “Women of Tomorrow” will focus on using pages from the White Man's Bible to create her work that will be open for viewing. Located at 322 N. Greenwood Avenue. Their phone number is 918-295-5009


•    Rudisill Regional Library will be participating with an exhibit entitled Man in the Mirror—It Doesn’t Matter if You’re Black or White. This will be an exhibit of resources that document and demonstrate efforts to transform hate in the American experience. The display will include printed resources as well as non-printed mediums from the library’s collection. Located at 1520 N. Hartford Ave. The phone number is (918) 549-7645.


 Will Rogers College High School

Suburban Acres Library


•    Presented by the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation, St. Aiden’s Episcopal Church will host a performance entitled, Arbol Ahorcado (The Hanged Tree). This is a performance created by artist Marianne Evans-Lombe to honor a promise she made in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota - Colombia. The promise was to return to the U.S. and tell a story from Colombia.

•    Arbol Ahorcado is about a tree in Ciudad Bolivar, a tree where someone was hanged to intimidate a barrio. The barrio has re-claimed itself; is a home to healthy, vibrant neighborhood, full of services for its community members. But there, still sits the tree. Arbol Ahorcado was created to both preserve the cultural memory of the tragedy that took place there and as a visual symbol of the barrio’s transformation. St. Aiden’s Episcopal Church is located at 4045 North Cincinnati Dr. Their phone number is (918) 425-7882