Sept 6-26, 2013: TheDirtyFabulous




New works by TheDirtyFabulous are on exhibition from September 6-26, 2013 at Living Arts of Tulsa. Relics of the modern American psyche appear in large-scale mixed media paintings and drawings. Referencing diverse historical, literary and pop subjects; the compositions are littered with symbolic imagery that is part satire, personal musing and broken alchemy. Begining in 1993, works by The DirtyFabulous have been exhibited in Europe, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and New York City, and have appeared in publications such as Juxtapoz magazine.

About the works:

Images I make are influenced by a number of sources such as, Hieronymus Bosch, Japanese woodblock prints, pulp novels, pin ups, classical mythology, tarot cards, psychedelic posters, and vintage photography.

Settings of dilapidated buildings, junkyards and detritus are often paired with images associated with folk religion, personal loss, decay and the profusion of consumer culture. Teeth, bones, fingernails, locks of hair, bottles of elixirs and straight razors populate cartoonish tableaus that serve as visual commentary on many subjects.

These images form a cast of characters and scenarios that I refer to and portray as part of a large storybook /fable. The content of this myth/story repeatedly refers back to stories of humanity’s folly. Consequently, I feel what is portrayed in these paintings and drawings is quite traditional and has many historical parallels. It assembles an ad-hoc mythology, a narrative structure, which elucidates those experiences common to our modern condition. Though intended to be fun in their approach and dark humor, they can have their serious interpretations as well.



Exhibitions / Group Shows

Chrome Chocolate

Mainsite Contemporary Art, 2006

Group Show

Ad Hoc Art, Brooklyn New York, 2009

Dark Pop

Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY, 2009

Stroke 02

International Urban Art Fair, Munich, Germany  2010

Cannibal Flower

Los Angeles, 2011

Summer Thieves

Oklahoma City, 2013


Tulsa, OK, 2013 (scheduled)


Juxtapoz Magazine






Living Arts Hours: 1-5pm T, W, F, and Sat.  and 1-9pm on Th.

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