Friday, March 3, 2017 (All day) to Saturday, March 25, 2017 (All day)

Installation – Holographic Work


Living ArtSpace, Myers North Gallery        

Sally Weber employs optical holography to create artworks of light. Weber focuses on the experience of perceiving light as a spatial material capable of prismatic effects as well as dimensional recreations of objects in light.

For Weber, directly working with laser light, the means to make optical holograms, led her to explore how light has been used in many cultures through time. People first developed the calendar by following the movement of the rising and setting sun and moon across the landscape. Over time, their buildings marked significant days with the placement of light or shadows and their stories bound the planets, the wanderers, to the gods. Concepts from these and other explorations infuse Weber's work with a wonder at the significance of light and color to captivate and transform.

In this exhibition, Weber draws reference from the laws of nature in Realms, and the interaction between water, color and light at the cusp of change in Threshold of a Singularity - A Memorial . Contemporary inquiries into scientific thought and the nature of the elements are reflected in her works Speed of Shadow, Entangled, Trace: Emotions and Echo. Through her work, Weber seeks to span across fields of thought as well a media using light as the bridge.

Optical Holography:
In optical holography, laser light reflects off of an object to expose an emulsion on film or glass. Unlike computer graphics or special effects in movies, optical holography actually focuses light in space in front of or behind the surface of the glass or film. This focused image of light is a a recreation or "reconstruction" of the original laser "light field" which was reflected off the object and made the hologram. As a result the hologram made optically can be seen without any 3d glasses and was the true inspiration for all of the new computer generated or special effects called holography.


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