OK Electric 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017 (All day) to Saturday, April 29, 2017 (All day)

Admission is $7 each night, or $12 for both nights

Curated by Noam Faingold

This year's theme is "Nature vs. Nurture" - exploring interactions between man/nature and organic/inorganic.


OK Electric is a two-day festival, taking place April 28th and 29th at Living Arts of Tulsa.  


The festival uses the electronic medium to bring both diversity and unity between the extended families of Classical music with electronics, and sound design artists, DJs, ambient and electronic experimental popular artists, and film and multi-media, blending art/concert music and social event.  

The electro-acoustic festival presents art music and multi-media performances by bringing together Classical and experimental sound artists, composers, performers, and thinkers.


Electro-acoustic music is a quickly growing sub-genre and instrumentation offshoot of Classical music that is both eclectic and shares elements in common neighboring genres and musical modes. The festival focuses on electro-acoustic music as a doorway into contemporary Classical music and thought, providing a venue for the increasingly rich electro-acoustic repertoire that is becoming a regular part of innovative and enjoyable concerts all over the world. The festival program is geared towards a community and audience which values creativity, music, performance, multi-media, drama and special events, without needing a strong Classical music background.


The festival will feature performances, lectures, composer forums and educational events.

The program will feature a combination of Oklahoma based/originating and national/international composers, historical figures, sound artists, and performers, both established and up-and-coming, all programmed side by side. The festival will include several world premieres.

- John Cage
- Steve Reich
- Mary Kouyoumdjian (NYC)
- Angelica Negrón (NYC)
- Alex Temple (Chicago)
- Charles Halka (Tulsa/Las Vegas)
- David Ikard (TX)
- Alexandra Gardner (Baltimore)
- Konstantinos Karathanasis (OU)
- Ryan Chase (world premiere for trumpet and electronics)
- Charlotte Dumesnil (*world premiere for cello and electronics, OKC)
- Mitchell James Highfill (world premiere for bassoon and electronics, TCC student)
- Unknown Tone Records artists Annie Ellicott, Mark Kuykendall, Sarah Nawotka and Lindsey Neal (Tulsa)
- music by members of the Warp Trio (NYC)

- Warp Trio (improvisational electro-acoustic piano trio from NYC)
- Tulsa Camerata and Tulsa Symphony Orchestra musicians
- Ricardo Coelho de Souza
- Unknown Tone Records artists
- Collaborative Films with soundtracks made by students from the University of Tulsa and Tulsa Community College's film making, composition and film scoring classes.
- DJ Afistaface

Lectures and Public Presentations:
- Eulogy to Pauline Oliveros lecture by musicologist Rebecca Lentjes
- Moderated discussions with commissioned and guest composers