Morphology by Elizabeth Brown

Friday, September 1, 2017 (All day) to Friday, September 22, 2017 (All day)

Artist Statement

Various approaches are used by artist and scientist to study forms and surfaces as they seek to explain and define our natural world. They both examine what exist tangibly in an attempt to add to our understanding and our experience of the universe. My interests are in technical and material experimentation, visual analysis and botanical and scientific observation of substructures and surfaces.

Through exploratory processes and investigations into the materials inherent physical qualities, rather than a predetermined composition or plan, I develop works that culminate from change and progression. My approach to the material is responsive to its innate properties. The development becomes the conceptual basis, the building and layering in creation reflects the growth of the natural forms that I am influenced by.

In the process of creating multiple pieces there is a convergent evolution in appearance. While each is distinct and unique many share similar traits through form, construction and surface qualities. These works mirror elements of existing organic life and combine synthetic and non-traditional materials to create a tension between the definable and the indefinable.


Elizabeth Brown Bio

Elizabeth Brown is a sculptor and mixed media artist serving as a Professor of Art at the University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Art & Design. She is known for her biological abstraction of forms rich in surface and color. Her current work focuses on organic sculpture using synthetic materials that reference natural shapes and surfaces but remain elusive in their definition.

Ms. Brown received her BFA in Printmaking at Rhode Island School of Design. Through RISD’s European Honors Program she spent her final year in Rome, Italy, with intensive study of studio art and art history. She received her MFA in Fibers at Arizona State University.

Ms. Brown is an active volunteer and advocate in the local arts community. She has served as a trustee at numerous non-profit art spaces in downtown Oklahoma City. Currently she serves on the board of Individual Artists of Oklahoma and works closely with them on their programing and fundraising.

Her work has been shown in such places as Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO, Central Museum of Art & Design, Edmond, OK, Octagon Center for the Arts, Ames, IA, The Machine Shop Gallery, Washington, MO, The Santa Fe Gallery, Gainesville, FL, The Piazza Cenci 56, Rome, Italy, and in New York at HEREArt, ABC No Rio, and Gallery 128.