Jessica Davenport

NoiseLevel 2.3 & 3.56

Artist’s Statement

NoiseLevel 2.3 & 3.56 are conceived as part of an ongoing artistic exploration and installments in a larger body of performance work examining the subject of accumulation and its relation to both personal and existential anxiety. The individual installments are site/space-specific and utilize various and differing mediums and subject matter, but are unified by accumulating layers and webs of complexity, juxtaposed with representation of larger cosmic and uncontrollable forces.


NoiseLevel 2.3 & 3.56

This work is a personal attempt to address the growing contemporary condition of general anxiety (including my own) in a world that is affected by ever more complex and out of our own control systems and constructs.

Complicated systems are everywhere.

My local grocery store chain, where I pick up my daily needs, represents one of the myriads of mega corporations whose tentacles extend out globally, and whose far-reaching effects are never known (or not until long after the fact) to the consumer.

Politicians vie for votes and attempt to sway opinion by reducing complicated issues of policy into meaningless platitudes and memes for mass consumption. Few, and it is increasingly evident that this includes even the politicians, have a full understanding of the full effects of these decisions of policy.

The cycle of ever accumulating “junk” in our garages and attics, and landfills, oceans, and environment never ends as people constantly want the next version, the new update, this moment’s fashion; thoughtlessly discarding the too soon outdated objects of passing fancy.

The endless stream of and access to information, instead of leading to better understanding, more often breeds confusion, misinformation, and contention.

Vague and conflicted warnings of imminent and eventual dangers, and perpetual reports of current and conjectured catastrophes are relentlessly projected by the many forms of media, which we absorb, all while trying to focus on the immediacy of daily tasks and personal lives.

This leads to a vague sense of futility and helplessness, and consistent anxiety in the face of such baffling complexities. The resulting sense of general “dis-ease” is increasingly evident as, more and more, people seek relief in forms of pharmaceutical and self-administered medicating.


Full Description of Installation/Performance

NoiseLevel 2.3 & 3.56 both take place in a neutral “living space” that progressively accumulates objects (old “junk” tube TVs and VCRs, and a growing tangle of power cords), as well as VHS footage of the durational performance that is then played on the accumulating TVs.