DOD Schedule

Several events take place outside of Living Arts during the festival such as traditional and contemporary Latino dancing, fire-dancers, mariachi and salsa bands, and the Skeleton Parade.


List of events for 2016:

• 5-11pm Jorgé Rojas in performance “Tortilla Oracle”

5-11pm "One World, Many Stories” Interactive Puppet Theater with Flying Heart Theatre. This multi-media puppet show with ever-changing giant projected powerpoint backdrops and animations requires extensive audience participation with props, music and giant puppets.


Day of the Dead Schedule


5:30 – 6:30pm Eleganza Musical: Latin ballads

6:30 – 7:30pm Miguel y Los Coyotes: Caribbean Jazz & Latin fusion

7:30 – 8pm Sol Azteca: Aunthentic Mexican dance

8 – 8:30pm Skeleton Parade

8:30 – 9:30pm Braxus Santana: Santana Tribute Band

9:30 – 10:30pm Tulsa Latin Style: Latin Jazz & Salsa

10:30 – 11pm EkuBembe: Latin drummers & Latin fusion with Fire Dancers



5:30 – 6pm Ballet Folklórico Tonátiuh

6 – 7pm Hot Club: Gypsy & Flamenco

7 – 8pm  Mariachi Tulsa: Traditional & popular Mexican music

8 – 8:30pm Skeleton Parade

8:30 – 9pm Ballet Folklórico Tonátiuh: Aunthentic Mexican dance

9 – 10:30pm Miguel y Los Coyotes: Caribbean Jazz & Latin fusion


Inside Living Arts, in front of the Open Altar

• 6pm Reading of the Calaveras

• 7:15pm A preview of "In Situ” by Sur Oeste Arte Estancia

7:30 – 8pm Blessing of the Altars by Father David Medina