Crossing Borders Performances

Taco Truck Theater: Performances Thurs, May 18 & Fri, May 19, 2017, 8pm at Living ArtSpace.  The premier performances of José Torres-Tama’s 3-year investigation and community-engaged development of a mobile theatre unit. Tama has traveled several times to Tulsa taking video interviews of local immigrants who are either here with or without documents. He will help local immigrant actors and local musicians find their voice in telling their stories through community residencies. Living Arts helped fund this project through a Creation Fund Grant from the National Performance Network. After these performances, the mobile theatre, in the form of a “taco truck”, will travel around this part of the US giving performances in locations where many immigrant workers congregate. 


Coming to Amerika Performances May 12, 8:00pm: Living Arts will focus on Immigration Issues during a cabaret style performance event.  The site will be chosen in relation to a place where immigrants congregate and they will be invited to participate in collaborative works taking their inspiration from stories gleaned from immigrants who have given their permission to use their story. Site to be decided.