Friday, March 9, 2018

  • Saturday, March 3, 2018 (All day) to Thursday, March 29, 2018 (All day)

    by Jessica Davenport & Group

  • Friday, March 9, 2018 (All day)

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    is open to artists of all backgrounds and disciplines who are wanting a forum to share their ideas for performance-based work, a place to try out experimental and developing work in front of an audience, and get feedback to help continue the process of refining and growing work.

    Showings should be a short excerpt (2-10 minutes) of a work in its early or developing stages. After each showing, there is a short “talk-back,” where the artist is invited to talk briefly about the work and its direction, and take questions and immediate responses from the audience.

    The Living Arts Performance Committee would like to foster new, innovative and risk-taking performance in Tulsa, and a climate of encouragement for artists to make daring work and experiment with ideas. It is our hope that SCRATCH events could become a regular part of Living Arts programming, with Tulsa audiences directly involved in supporting the creation of new and exciting performance work.


    Living Arts of Tulsa Performance Committee presents
    SCRATCH: An Evening of Performance Works-in-Progress

    Come see what’s Cookin’ with area creators of new and exciting performance work!

    Friday MARCH 23, 2018, 8pm
    Living Arts of Tulsa
    $5-10 suggested donation

    We invite Tulsa audiences to be the first to experience exciting new performance ideas by local artists! Come ready for anything and everything to happen! Rough edges, provocative ideas, early experiments and investigations!

    SCRATCH is an evening short unfinished works and excerpts (ranging from 2-10 minutes) drawing from a variety of performance-based artistic disciplines including, but not limited to, theatre, improv, dance/movement, poetry reading, spoken word, multi-media, and performance art. Performances combine to create a dynamic and experimental Cabaret-style event driven entirely by local artists.

    Scratch provides a much-needed, safe venue for burgeoning local performance artists to find their voices, test ideas, and become entrepreneurs of their own work.

    Audiences are invited to be a part of each artist’s creative process in developing work through immediate direct response, and feedback in short “Talk Backs” following each performance.

    We all have heard the term “making something from scratch.” How does an artist take something that is just an idea or image, and make it into something; a fully finished work for an audience’s consumption.

    SCRATCH is a place where artists can take creative risks, experiment, and try out new ideas for an audience in order to further develop, edit, and test out new work.
    “Scratch” performances have become very popular in the UK (and in New York) over the last 10 years, particularly as a dynamic way to spearhead new works of experimental theatre and performance. London’s Battersea Arts Centre has led the way in creating regular “scratch” events, which has resulted in several innovative and successful productions with runs in the West End, and even Broadway. The audacious Jerry Springer the Opera, which ran at The National Theatre for two years, and on Broadway starring Harvey Keitel, began as an idea at a Scratch event at Battersea.

  • Friday, March 9, 2018 - 8:00pm


    $5 students, $10 non-students, Living Arts members are free.

    Since 2010, the annual Oklahoma Avant Garde spoken word event has been highlighting writers working at the cutting edge of language, challenging the definition of poetry, and exploring new genres of writing. Beginning in the 1950s with poets like Manley Johnson, Ron Padgett, Fran Ringold, and Ted Berrigan, Tulsa has a long tradition of attracting and producing poets who push the boundaries of sense and sensibility. 

    This event gathers many poets from around Oklahoma and the region working in this tradition today who see language as a plastic medium, like paint  or clay, that can be shaped, scraped, and scrapped in many different ways that embody contemporary life in the 21st Century. Clever and savvy, yet never pretentious, these poets promise an evening of fun and provocative experiments in word and sound.  This year’s show will feature, among others, poets Tim Bradford (Oklahoma City), Sheila Black (Tulsa), Lewis Freedman (Stillwater), and Victoria McArtor (Tulsa). 

    About the curator: GRANT MATTHEW JENKINS teaches writing at the University of Tulsa. He is the author of Poetic Obligation: Ethics in Experimental American Poetry after 1945 (U of Iowa Press, 2008) and has published two books of poetry, Joy of God and Other Series (Blackbird, 2003) and the most recent in collaboration with Cheryl Pallant, Morphs (Cracked Slab, 2009). His poems appear in Source Material, Used Cat., Birddog, Cannibal, Sugar Mule, Syntax, Action Yes, and Big Bridge. Other creative projects include collaborations with Nathan Halverson and work with digital flash poetry, image, and sound and can be found online at,, and <> .


    1. Lewis Freedman, Stillwater
    2. Haley Ashworth
    3. Stacy Kidd, Stillwater
    4. Xandra Kaste
    5. Crag Hill, Norman
    6. Adam Lux
    7. Caleb Freeman
    8. Chad Reynolds, Oklahoma City
    9. Sheila Black
    10. Timothy Bradford, Oklahoma City


    1. Tai Igarashi
    2. Ric Walden
    3. Brett Oliver
    4. Brennen Gray
    5. Mason Powell
    6. Thomas Von Borstel
    7. Jack Dussold
    8. Melody Charles
    9. Brett Tyndall
    10. Jonathan Stalling, Norman
    11. Victoria McArtor