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The Artists in Residency Program has been put on hold. Please check back in a few months.

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Amber Art Collective Exhibit 

Saturday, June 15, 2013 • Living Arts, 307 E. Brady-

Through the community engagement process and productive collaborations, we celebrate the energy collected in this community project in a final culminating exhibition. Mainly, they will project photos from their original “Cleaning the Mansion” series, as well as selected ph

otos from their Residency project in Tulsa. 

They will also simultaneously present their semi-completed sculptural piece: pin cushioned with spikes adorned with social proclamations by workshop participants. The presentation and finishing of the piece will turn into a performance where the artists will be in costume, hammering the


final spikes of the project into the wood, making one final creative statement while shedding light on the creative process of the sculptural piece. 

Part of Living Arts’ Bridge Building through Community Engagement Program with many thanks to Yielbonzie Charles Johnson for his consulting and help with this project.






Artist in Resident Performance at Living Arts - Ieke Trinks




Performance artist Ieke Trinks from the Netherlands worked for one month at the Living Arts of Tulsa and shared her experience on doing performance art in the workshop. It was a 2-day full workshop, prior to the workshop Friday evening, March 22nd 2013. There was an introduction with video examples and the finale was on Sunday evening March 24th, 2013.

In the workshop we explored:

- Interacting with objects and materials

- How to be present with your body

- Making a short performance

- Presenting your performance

Performance art work is mainly executed by one or more persons in which objects or materials or often included. This workshop focuses on exploring objects and materials in performance art. "How can we use objects and materials in a performance?" Different approaches and ways of use i.e. concrete, symbolic, poetic, practical, ritual etc. will be explored. The workshop provides you to exchange ideas and interact with others, objects and materials.

*Ieke Trinks was born in the Netherlands. She lives and works in Rotterdam. She holds a Masters of Fine Art at AVK St Joost in the Netherlands (2008). Her performance work is often a created using instructions, observations, and live actions made with every day objects and materials (such as cups, chairs, paper, shoes, doors, wood, shirts, nails, bananas, plastic bags), combined and deconstructed, often resulting in absurd situations that play with interpretations and expectations in response to a particular written text. Ieke’s work has been presented in various venues in Europe, South America and Canada. She is part of a performance collective called TRICKSTER that works with “emergent-form composition’”, and since 2009 she has co-produced PAE (Performance Art Event) in Rotterdam.