ArtCore Residencies

ArtCore Residency Program:

ARTCORE RESIDENCY PROGRAM: This Program develops creative thinking skills helping students create individualized artworks and simply expanding selfconfidence as creative individuals. Living Arts of Tulsa sends teams of 3 professional facilitators from diverse backgrounds to empower students in the 5–12 grades to create student-based interdisciplinary work based on play. There is a minimum of 2 class periods per day required (either 2 classes w/1 period each day or 1 class w/2 periods) over a 3 day residency. Each day students do research with non-traditional supplies, present what they explored and build on their discoveries with group work. Video is used to analyze their work and facilitators lead discussions that increase perception skills.

At the end of the Residency, the teacher and the students are asked to fill out an evaluation and after receiving the evaluation, the teacher is given a DVD showing historic and contemporary interdisciplinary artists which is accompanied by a script that he/she may use to reinforce the class’ recent explorations. Teachers wishing to have the ArtCore Residency at your school should contact ArtCore Residency Coordinator Mery McNett at

This program is made possible with assistance from the Oklahoma Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.