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Tulsa ArtCar Weekend – May 14 – 16, 2015




Tulsa ArtCar Weekend fulfills our mission by helping present contemporary art to youth and adults and giving an underserved area of our community more confidence in self-expression. For more information on how to get involved, contact Artistic Director, Steve Liggett at steve@livingarts.org or Chairperson, Charlie Larson at mrlarson@swbell.net Thanks go out to the Oklahoma Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and many individuals in the Tulsa area.

Tulsa ArtCar Weekend 2014 was sponsored by:

The Raymond and Bessie Kravis Foundation, The Oklahoma Arts Council, The National Endowment for the Arts, George Kaiser Family Foundation, Chris Nikel Fiat, John Eakin III

RGF Family Fund, Tricinella Family Dentistry, Lyn Larson, Dr. Lora Larson, Guthrie Green/PAC Trust, Tulsa Drillers, Borden Dairy, Philbrook Museum of Art, Anita Randza, The Ruth K Nelson Revocable Trust, Southwood Landscape and Garden Center, Route 66 Development, Michog, Ken Tricinella, Stokley Outdoor Advertising. Elote, Felini's Cookies & Deli, Pancho Anaya, Cherry St. Coffeehouse, Palace Café, Starbucks, Dilly Deli

Click here for a video of ArtCar 2012.
ArtCar makes the news

Living Arts is very thankful to all our Staff and Volunteer ArtCar Committee Members.  

We dedicate this Tulsa ArtCar Weekend X to Terry Klein who rolled on out this year for the first time in 10 years.

Many Thanks to this year’s Tulsa ArtCar “Steering” Committee Members without whom we could not have made this event possible:  
Charlie Larson – Tulsa ArtCar X Chair
Lyn Larson – Community Engagement Coordinator
Mike Keim – Venue Laison
David Crass – ArtBike Exhibit Curator
Rebecca McEntire – Many Things to Many People
Robert Martinez – ArtCar Ball Facilities Coordinator & Art BoxCar Trophy Maker
Anthony Ohmes – Art BoxCar Workshop & Parade Coordinator
Beverly Keeley – Housing Coordinator
Maudie Reed – Baked Beans Cook
Jim Bruner – ArtCar Brunch Chef
Emery Alexander – ArtCar Cookout & Dinner Cook

And many thanks to the Staff at Living Arts for all of their help:
Steve Liggett – Living Arts Artistic Director
Shun Manabe – Director’s Assistant/Technical Assistant
Nichole Gantshar – PR/Development Director
Mery McNett – Graphic Artist/Media Manager
Amy Boewe – Rentals Coordinator/Bar Manager
Jennifer Hollecker – Financial Assistant