Arbol ahorcado

Saturday, January 3, 2014, 4pm
St Aidan's Episcopal Church
Tulsa, OK

Arbol ahorcado (The Hanged Tree) is a performance created by artist Marianne Evans-Lombe to honor a promise she made in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota - Colombia. The promise was to return to the U.S. and tell a story from Colombia.

The story is about a tree in Ciudad Bolivar, a tree where someone was hanged to intimidate a barrio. The barrio has re-claimed itself; is home to a healthy, vibrant neighborhood, full of services for its community members. But there, still, sits that tree. Arbol ahorcado was created to both preserve the cultural memory of the tragedy that took place there and as a visual symbol of the barrio's transformation.

Please join Marianne at St Aidan's Episcopal Church in North Tulsa, Saturday, January 3, 2014 starting at 4pm, to bear witness to a story from Colombia that applies to our culture as well.